About Us

The Whitsundays balloon experts

The Balloon Emporium only use biodegradable latex balloons because we care about the environment as much as you do. We encourage our customers to refrain from letting balloons fly free, instead when finished, pin it and bin it.

Our balloons continue to be one of the most popular, fun and cost-effective ways to promote your event, product or raise awareness for campaigns. They also make great party decoration or heartfelt gifts to celebrate special occasions.

For longer lasting balloons, ask for Ultra Hi-Float that lasts from 2–7 days depending on the air temperature and movement for a small additional fee.

Latex is a 100% natural substance that breaks down in sunlight and water. It is not plastic. From the moment a balloon is manufactured, it starts to degrade. Sunlight exposure speeds up the process.

Disclaimer: Foil Balloons and the other accessories attached to Balloons such as plastic discs, plastic sticks and some ribbons and accessories are not biodegradable.